5 Signs of Depression

Many individuals throughout the United States believe that depression is simply unhappiness when depression is much more than this. It is not a bad day or a bad week – it is a a complicated disorder that can be persistent and difficult to recover from. Depression often comes with warning signs, which can be useful in determining if you or a loved one is experiencing depression.


One of the symptoms that often shows up in depressed individuals is a feeling of hopelessness. This is a common symptom that involves feelings of guilt, helplessness, self-hate, and feeling worthless.

Loss of Interests

Individuals may not enjoy doing things they used to love, such as reading or playing sports, when they are experiencing depression. This disorder causes individuals to become withdrawn and avoid school clubs, hanging out with friends, sex, and other activities.

Sleep Problems

Depression is often accompanied by either getting too much sleep or sleeping too little, both of which can lead to feelings of fatigue. Lack of sleep can also worsen other symptoms, such as anxiety.


Anxiety is a disorder that is often concurrent with depression. Symptoms of anxiety include rapid heart rate, trembling, sweating, rapid breathing, feelings of panic or danger, restlessness, tension, difficulty focusing or thinking, and more.

Weight Changes

Depression hopkinsville residents may experience can be accompanied by weight loss or gain, which is often due to changes in appetite. During episodes of depression, appetites can increase or decrease and lead to problems maintaining a steady or healthy weight.

Depression hopkinsville

Depression can be a silent disease, so it is important to note the symptoms of the disorder and seek help. Even just speaking with someone can help, so don’t be afraid to reach out and let a loved one or professional know about any feelings you or a loved one may be experiencing.